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Here Are The Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Drops?

Why Bitcoin Price Drops

If you are looking for a way to invest in the cryptocurrency market without having to put in any of your own money, you may want to consider investing in Bitcoin. For those who don’t know about Bitcoin, it’s a form of digital currency that can be used for both online and face-to-face transactions.

In this article, we’ll explore Why Bitcoin Price Drops and what makes Bitcoin so popular and why certain factors can cause its price to drop.

Why Bitcoin Price Drops?

Bitcoin prices dropped this week, with some exchanges reporting a 35% decrease in value. Many people are asking themselves why the price of Bitcoin is dropping, and what could be causing it. Here are three reasons why Bitcoin prices may be dropping:

The Chinese yuan devaluation: Bitcoin is based on a currency, the Bitcoin, that is not backed by any government or central institution. This makes it a very volatile asset. When the Chinese yuan devalue against other currencies, this affects the valuation of Bitcoin as well.

The SEC decision: On May 7th, 2017, the SEC announced that it would not approve a proposed ETF from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (co-founders of Gemini). This decision may have caused some investors to shy away from Bitcoin, thinking it was less safe than before.

Recent events in Syria and Venezuela are causing political instability that could affect the economy in other countries as well. As a result, investors may be scared off by Bitcoin because they don’t know if there will be more financial turmoil in the future.

Even though there are many reasons why this might be happening, a majority of the available research suggests that it is not the main cause. In summary, over the past month or so, we have seen a steady decline in the price of Bitcoin. It’s possible that this was related to an increase in investment from China and South Korea.

However, this seems unlikely since China and South Korea are still buying Bitcoin as much as ever before. It also seems wrong for China to send so much money overseas because they need it at home (to fund their housing bubble). The US dollar has been showing signs of weakness recently, which could have caused investors to expect more bad news from the Fed. Furthermore, when you think about it logically, selling stocks is a

Factors that cause the drop in Bitcoin price

There are many factors that can cause the drop in Bitcoin price, but some of the most common reasons include:

  • A lack of confidence in the currency
  • Changes in regulatory environments
  • Technical problems with the Bitcoin network
  • Poor market performance

What do the experts say will happen?

Bitcoin price drops are a regular occurrence in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, some experts say that it’s actually happening more frequently than ever before. Here are five reasons why they say this is the case:

  1. Regulatory uncertainty: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have been subject to a lot of regulatory uncertainty over the past few months, which has caused a decline in prices.
  2. Speculation: A lot of people are speculating on the bitcoin market, and when there’s a decline in prices, a lot of these speculators lose money.
  3. Volatility: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are notorious for their high levels of volatility, which means that their prices can change rapidly and unpredictably.
  4. Economic instability: When there’s economic instability, people tend to invest less money in risky ventures, like cryptocurrency investments. This includes both individuals and institutional investors.
  5. Lack of innovation: Many people think that there’s not much new innovation happening in the cryptocurrency world, which is why prices are declining overall.


It can be difficult to understand why the price of Bitcoin might drop, especially if you are not invested in the cryptocurrency. However, there are a few reasons why this might happen, and it’s important to keep these in mind if you want to avoid getting hurt financially.

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