Truth About Data Entry Services – Personal Experience

Truth About Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services
Data Entry Services

Hi, it’s been a while I haven’t written anything. It was the semester end and I was busy enjoying with my friends and family. Well, today I have an important thing to discuss with you. It’s the truth about the data entry services which are home-based and  have established their market by fooling people.

What Is My Personal Experience?

Everyone is in a hurry to earn money and when it comes to making money easily, everyone is interested. One of my friend too was equally interested in earning money and by some sources he went to a data entry work provider. The data entry work sounded good for earning money and my friend was excited about earning more and more through it. The work provider said that he have to write the articles for a book publication, by coping from another book, and if he (“my friend”) writes all the 100 pages then he will be rewarded Rs. 10,000. Like all of us my friend was also interested in this and said that he want the job.

What Happened Next?

These things sounded good, and where looking legal too. But then the data entry services provider asked him to summit Rs. 1500 for registration. He was shocked.

“Registrations?? “what kind of registration is necessary for a job? I can understand if the job provider is asking for some personal details, but what is this money for? You also wouldn’t have heard that you have to give money to someone who is giving you a job.  But it is happening. You can find these type of people on OLX too.

My friend was shocked but due to his greediness he didn’t bothered giving Rs. 1500. Then finally he did got the documents and on the completion of 14 days he was able to write only 20-23 pages. Then the report came and it was found that only 12 pages contained less error. So he earned Rs.450 out of it.

Again, since the party is paying you money, then anyone will think that it is legal.   But to earn more money out of it, my friend asked me for help.

Exciting Part

As you know techdeft means technically skilled, so if I would have followed the traditional method of typing, then it would be injustice. So when I performed the data entry work I used an OCR to copy text from images and then used a typing bot to type all the articles automatically. So, it hardly took my 2-3hrs to complete all the 100 pages.

Now it was the time for submission. Well I submitted the documents and the result was expected to arrive in 2 days. The data entry services provider was surprised that my all pages are accurate, when my friend called him he was trying to know how did I completed these work. But the main fact is he was unable to give Rs. 10000 to us.

By applying some legal pressure, he then gave us some compensation and requested us not to kick on his earnings.


This is my personal experience and I request all of you, not to waste time on this type of services. The only source of income of the data entry services provider is the money you pay to him and nothing else. If someone is offering you the work without asking you for money then you can join them freely.

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