How To Chat Without Internet For Free

How To Chat Without Internet For Free

The internet is a real essential part of our life as it help us to be connected. I have experienced many past years without Internet and my experience was horrible. The internet is necessary for chatting, for sharing documents and you know a whole lot of things. But here is the way you can chat without internet for free.

Let me give tell you the situation where this will come handy.

1. Imagine you are in a school or at a college where there is now free internet for you and you don’t have the cellular data pack. Then you can chat with any of your friends without internet and it will be free.

2. You will also find this helpful when you don’t have internet at all and you need to connect with your friends.

And there are lots of such examples where you need to chat without  internet.

Chat Without Internet For Free

Hike is the app I am talking about. Hike have come up with an interesting feature which is “Hike Direct”, through this feature you will be able to solve all or problems of file sharing, chatting and many more.

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Hike Direct allows you to share files and chat with anyone within 100 meters of radius. You just have to follow this steps:

  1.  Install Hike from here.
  2. Start a chat and tap on the 3 dot without internet for free
  3.  From the menu, you have to select hike direct. (both you and your friend need to perform this step together.)chat without internet for free
  4. That’s all, now you are connected and you can enjoy chats for free.

Now, hike has to be in the list of must have apps, because of this interesting feature. If you haven’t downloaded hike yet download it and test drive this feature.

There might be many apps that enable us to chat or send files without Internet. I would like you to share those apps name in the comment below.





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