Author: Ankit Dixit

Change Login Background In Windows 10

How to change login Background In Windows 10 Finally, windows 10 has been released and according to windows almost 14 billion pc’s are updated with windows 10 and the numbers are counting. There are many features of windows 10 which people are liking and as compared to windows 8, people are looking satisfied too. I

5 Best iOS App For Social Media Marketing

5 Best iOS App For Social Media Marketing It is great news for social media marketers that a vast portion of the global community has gone mobile. It is no longer required of social media marketers to tie themselves to a laptop screen. You can get pretty much anything done on the go with the

Send Self Destructing Emails

5 Ways To Send Self Destructing Emails In my previous post I wrote about how to spoof email id. Here I am going to share how to send self destructing emails. It means the email will get automatically destroyed once it have been opened. This trick plays handy when you don’t want that the receiver

How To Send Spoof Email

How To Send Spoof Email Hi, I am here with another interesting topic- How to Send Spoof Email to anyone. But Before you read ahead you should read- How to call someone from their own number. Email Id Spoofing means, sending emails to anybody with a different mail ID. Like if you want to send

How to Make YouTube Buffering Faster

How to Make YouTube Buffering Faster Hi, YouTube needs no introduction, we all love watching videos on YouTube. But it feels very weird as while watching YouTube on a slow net connection it becomes difficult to enjoy the videos due to buffering issues. People have used many ways to get rid of this annoying slow buffering