Youtube URL Features You Didn’t Know About

Youtube URL Features You Didn’t Know About

Youtube is not just a video platform and the graphical user interface is not the ultimate. There are a few hidden services which we can enjoy from Youtube which have no direct accesses. Here comes the importance of Youtube URL Features. The 4 such features are as follows.

  • Linking Video To Any Desired Time.
  • Looping A Video Infinitely.
  • Bypassing Age Restriction.
  • Making A GIF Of A Part Of The Video.

Youtube URL Features

Linking Video To Any Desired Time.

Sometimes during presentations, we are required to skip some part of the video and start from the middle. Also, during web integration of a youtube video, we need to skip to the main part of the video to attract the audience attention. Now this can be achieved by two ways manual as well as automatic.

Let us consider a video URL-

By manually adding &t=YmXXs to the end of a video URL, you’ll set it to start that many minutes/seconds into the video. You can omit minutes, or use only seconds, such as 30s for a minute and a half. So, this video:


If you don’t want to use the manual method, pause the video at the time you’d like to share it at, then right-click and choose Copy video URL at current time.

Looping A Video Infinitely.

Oftenly, we are irritated to repeat a video over and over again during listening  to a sing in loop. Problem is the videos are not repeated automatically. Inorder to emancipate that we do the following.

We simply put repeater after youtube in the URL. The home page of looks like this.

Bypassing Age Restriction.

We have all faced this right? Yes of course. And trust me guys this is so irritating. When you are tempted to watch a new trailer or a video song of “this” category , you are prompted to verify your identity. But no more!! We will show you how to bypass this verification.

General Link—

Delete the watch? and replace the = with another / to create a URL that looks like this:

Modified Link—

Making A GIF Of A Part Of The Video.

While watching an youtube video, we sometimes feel, well if this part of the video can be used to make an interesting GIF. But we turn clueless about it. So, lets see how to do that.

Lets take an example.

Now just modify the url as follows.

This will direct you to.



Youtube is fun and convenient as well. We learned a few interesting tricks and tips that are useful for us for our day to day life. A short disclaimer : – the article of Youtube URL Features You Didn’t Know About has no intention to promote vulgar/exotic content. The example shown above is only for the sake of this tutorial.

Hope, the article really helped you please comment below to let us know your views and suggestions.




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