How to Make YouTube Buffering Faster

How to Make YouTube Buffering Faster

Hi, YouTube needs no introduction, we all love watching videos on YouTube. But it feels very weird as while watching YouTube on a slow net connection it becomes difficult to enjoy the videos due to buffering issues. People have used many ways to get rid of this annoying slow buffering and in the case they are using ad-blocker, but the ad-blocker seem to be removing ads only it does effect on buffering but to a small extent.

Now here is a small and simple trick by which you can faster the buffering on YouTube.

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How to Make YouTube Buffering Faster

So, here I am going to give you a simple trick on how to make the YouTube videos load faster.. For this you have to get a chrome extension or if you are a firefox user you need to get a firefox add-on..

  • You can download the smartvideo extension or add-on from here: Google Chrome ExtensionOr Firefox Add-On
  • You Can also have an ad-blocker to block YouTube ads.. For Chrome Or Mozilla
  • You would be able to see the difference in buffering of videosYouTube Buffering Faster.
  • Now you need to hover your cursor on the playing video, then at the bottom configure the smart buffering to 100%
  • Now you will find that the YouTube is buffering faster


From the above trick you will be able to make YouTube Buffering Faster.

It is easy to apply and you will be able to see all the result as soon as you apply. After applying this trick to make YouTube buffer fast you will be able to see videos with o buffering issue.

If you find this trick useful you should definitely share this trick with your friends. And do let me know whether this trick of buffering YouTube worked or not in your case.



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