The reason people like blogger is  

♦ It has variety of templates to choose form

♦ It is easy for a beginner to learn and understand

♦ It is free of cost

♦ It is reliable (hack proof)

♦ It requires no coding


Some points in the other side

♦ Blogger is not owned by you (google can shut it down anytime)

♦ It has no premium features

♦ adsense is also not applicable unless you have your own hosting domain

♦  moving blogger site to a different platform is a complicated task

♦ Limited support with less forums


On the other hand wordpress gives you to do any thing with its open source structure. WordPress is liked globally because of the following reason

♦  wordpress is also free

♦ You own your content

♦  Wide variety of free and premium themes

♦  it can be modified in a manner( with web design / development knowledge)

♦ Full support and  large number of forums


Some points we don’t like of wordpress

♦ Theme customization is difficult for begginers

♦ it requires paid web hosting and a domain name

♦ it can be easily hacked as compared to blogger sites

♦ it is not free it requires a paid web hosting and domain name

♦ you are responsible for its security and backups



So Blogger is good for beginners, they don’t have to worry about its security and backups and its totally fits in the budget of a student, Its totally free. On the other hand WordPress is the better choice if you have knowledge of web/designing and security and if you have a domain and a web hosting plan.





Ankit Dixit

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  1. Aman Mehta says:

    nice info.. looking forward for more..

  2. Naveen says:

    Very nice post. Simple, get to the point and giving all the important point about WordPress and Blogger.

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