Windows 10 AVAILABLE


you were waiting for windows 9 to come. But a surprise is that, windows has launched preview of windows 10.yes you heard it correct windows 10 available.. You can download windows 10 form here windows 10

Windows 10 AVAILABLE

Things to known before downloading and installing windows 10 :-

windows 10 is currently not completed and a preview is available for download
Use virtual box or a secondary computer to install windows 10 because as windows 10 is not completed it can crash
Regular updates will be available for windows 10, so don’t worry
You can report any problem to microsoft so that they can fix it. You can register your microsoft account to the insider program..

Windows 10 form my side is a combination of windows 7 and windows 8.. total hybird
Windows 10 is avialable for the pc whose RAM is 4GB or higher.. Lower is not supported
Hope you enjoy the new look of windows..

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