How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy

How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy

How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?

With the rising demand of Internet dependency, security threats are hiking day by day. Public networks are most vulnerable to hacks. Private hotspots are also being used with VPN nowadays for maximum security. That is why we decided to let you know of this amazing fact of How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?

A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy


Let Us See What A VPN Is…

A VPN is used to add security to private and public networks like wifi hotspot and the  Internet. Privacy is increased with a VPN because the user initial IP Address is replaced with the one from the VPN provider. This method is well popular among netizens to attain an IP Address from any gateway city of the VPN Service provider. For example, you may live in Kolkata but with a VPN, you can appear to be live in Delhi, Mumbai or any number of gateway cities.

VPN Security

Generally, public wifi hotspots have become very vulnerable to hacking. You can expect that someone is spoofing on you from somewhere. Wifi spoofing and Firesheep are two most popular ways to hack information from a victim’s cell phone. Hence, it is now a necessity to use VPN whenever you are connected to a public network in order to secure your data. Now the question is how this security is being enforced by VPN service. Actually, it uses advanced encryption protocols and secure tunneling techniques to encapsulate all online data transfers.

VPN Protocols

We will be discussing here of 3 VPN protocols.

  1. PPTP- Point To Point Tunneling Protocol is the one of the oldest and is quite simple to set up. Even though this was famous, recently, there has been security issues.
  2. L2TP/IPsec – This is considered to be more secure than PPTP as it implements 2 protocols together to gain best security feature. Here, L2TP provides with the tunneling and IPsec provides the secure connection.
  3. OpenVPN – SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)-based VPN. The software is open source and freely available.  SSL is a more advanced encryption technology. OpenVPN can run on a single UDP or TCP port.

How To Set Up VPN On An Android Device.


How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?

Note- We’ll be using the free VPN service of for testing and demo purpose. We can’t take the responsibility of the authenticity. Phone used here for demo purpose is Samsung J2 (OS-Lollipop)


1. Sign up on or any other free/paid VPN service provider for a server address that you’ll be using. Also simultaneously note your username and password.

2. Now go to settings>More Connection Settings of your android device>VPN

How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?

3. Now click on Add VPN.

How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?

4. Fill the spaces as datas provided by your VPN provider. These are provided by to me. Please note that the name can be anything according to your choice. Save finally.

How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?

5. Now the next time, you connect on a public network just click the vpn you created. Put your username and password and connect. Now you will secured on the network over VPN.

How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy?


So we saw How Is A VPN Useful For Security And Privacy. A VPN is a must for all computer savvy guys. Today, we can’t even imagine connecting to the Internet without a strong anti-virus and a VPN enabled. Hope we will start securing our information online with this amazing security feature. The post is for all internet users. No matter you are from a technical background or not just make sure to keep your information safe.Thank You.





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