Voip Caller Id Spoofing In India

Voip Caller Id Spoofing In India

Voip Caller Id Spoofing is common in the countries other than India. Many apps are available which serve this purpose (you can google them). But these apps are not free and if you are from India, then I am pretty sure that you too enjoy free stuffs. Therefore I am here to share and fulfill your purpose.

But First let me make you clear what caller id Spoofing actually is. Caller id spoofing is simply changing or hiding the number of yours when you call someone. Here with the help of this trick you can do voip caller id spoofing in India.

One more thing if you want to change your caller id, then their might be a reason. And if that reason is for crime purpose then be careful. Because Indian cyber cell department is very serious about these issues and if they caught you when you are indulged in some explicit activities then they can sue you.

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voip caller id spoofing

Dingtone App is a free calling app and free sms app which is used by many including me to call to a phone number or a  dingtone contact for free and not only this, it also allow to call and send sms to the numbers which are not connected to internet and that’s all is for free. But it has one advantage more, which is, it can hide the caller details.

Follow my points. I said that it can hide the caller id, and the caller id can be changed by following these steps:-

  1. Install Dingtone App Form here
  2. Then Register your phone with dingtone.
  3. After installing go to settings > call Settings > Caller Id >
  4. Then select Anonymous.

Now, whenever you make a call, you will come to know that the caller id which you are using to call someone will be anonymous.

But for every favor you have to pay a cost. Therefore, digntone app is not free for lifetime. You have to buy credits in this app too. But a boon is that if you keep this app forever then you will get 1 credits daily for check in too and you can see ad videos and get more credits too.


Hope you enjoyed this article. If any suggestions are there from you side then let me know.



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