Videos As Wallpaper

Videos As Wallpaper

Isn’t it amazing having a video wallpaper.. If you think it is then you are at the right place. Running videos as wallpaper can be done in many ways some are– writing a html code with a video background, making a gif image of a video.. But these are difficult tasks.Videos As Wallpaper


So here is a simple and easy method of running a video as a wallpaper.

First of all when the term easy comes to our mind then we may prefer VLC player for the same.. Using a VLC player you can easily set your selected video as wallpaper but it is a old trick and you will always have to start VLC player for doing so.

SO here is a simple and more exciting trick. You simply have to download a software for the same purpose.. With the software which we are suggesting you, you can play random videos with no worries of starting the whole process once again as this software  automatically starts at can download the software form here video-wallpaper it works..

You can also use stardock for the same purpose and it has more functions compared to video-wallpaper. since stardock provides it only for 30 days for free, you can download  run as date and run the software at a single date to avoid the limitations. you will definitely enjoy  it..

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