Video as Live Wallpaper in Android

How to Set Video as Live Wallpaper in Android

Hi… Previously I wrote about how to set videos as wallpaper in windows, her I am going to share an interesting stuff. How to set a video as live wallpaper in android.

As you know that setting videos as live wallpaper makes your phone attractive. It will add to your smartphone’s style. There are many phones available in the market which comes with this feature; preloaded but there are many phones which will need an app to enable this feature. If you choose wisely then this apps will not consume your battery too.

Now here are some apps which will enable you to change the look of your smartphone without consuming your battery. Here are those easy to use apps

Video as a Live Wallpaper in Android

HD Video Live Wallpapers


This app lets you play HD videos in form of live wallpaper on your home screen. This app gives you free HD videos of waterfalls, clouds, futuristic scenes, ocean waves, tropical beaches, aurora skies, mountains, 3D abstract animated HD video wallpapers and more. It has a review of 4.1 in google play and I consider this app is really nice if you want to set videos as wallpaper.

Video Live Wallpaper


This app enables you to set live video wallpaper. You can choose any Custom video for this purpose. As because the user interference of this app is so good, I don’t need to mention how to set videos as live wallpaper in this app. This app gives you many facilities such as you can toggle if you what to hear sound or not, you can toggle if you want to repeat the videos or not, you can also arrange multiple videos in queue for playback.


So, Here are the two best app you can try to set a live wallpaper for your android smartphone. You must give it a try and enjoy an awesome look of your phone.



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