Upload large Files To Share Online For Free

Easiest Ways to Upload large Files To Share Online For Free

Upload large Files To Share Online

Sharing files online may be a difficult tasks when you don’t know the easy methods. If you were unaware of these methods mentioned below, you must have been following the traditional methods of uploading files in email client and the sending it to the respective person.

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But here are some easy ways to share files online for free and guess what… These site are faster too. You don’t need to sign in or login to transfer files… You just need to select the files and a link will be automatically created, which you can send to anyone.

Upload Large Files To Share Online For Free

Just Beamit

Just beam it is on the top of our list because it doesn’t take time to upload the file however long. You just have to drag the file and a link will be created that you have to send to the person whom you want to send. But the link can be used only once. You can send unlimited files with unlimited size.



This site can also be used to share files online and it’s easy too. You can use Droplr for sending files to your friends. Just go to the site and upload your file… The file must be smaller than 2GB.



Wetransfer is a free service which you can use to send files up to 2 GB. Just upload a the file and you will get the link to transfer files


This is another site you can use to send large files without signing in to this website.. Just select and upload the file.. But the upload might take some time.


You can use Filedropper to send files of maximum size 5 gb.


I consider all these to be temporary storage sites cum sharing sites and can be only used as alternative to other storage site like google drive , dropbox etc. I recommend you to use just-Beamit as it doesn’t take time to upload and file transfer is really fast. What do you think about the list of transfer files online sites. Do let me know.



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