Ultimate List of Free Server Monitoring Software

Ultimate List Of Free Server Monitoring Software

If you are using a shared hosting server then there will be a headache that if your website traffic  goes up then your server on which your website is being hosted might be down. By monitoring your web server, you can get to know when your website is down and when is the time to change your hosting services. For this reason, I am here with the ultimate list of free server monitoring software. By, the smart use of these free server monitoring software you will be able to manage your website more efficiently.

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List Of Free Server Monitoring Software


free server monitoring software

StatusCake is packed with some awesome features like Rich monitoring, lots of ways to get the notification when your website is down, it includes SMS notification, email notification,  many other great services. Along with the premium packs, it also comes with a free plan which works great. You should definitely give it a try.


free server monitoring software

I personally suggest Siteuptime for web server monitoring as I also use it. And I have to say that Siteuptime service is really awesome you get real time monitoring of your server. The free plan is there to help you with the essentials and for more advanced options I will suggest you to go for the premium service.


You might have heard the name of the famous server monitoring software, Monitis. If you too love freebies, then you might know that a free alternative of Monitis is present. Monitor is a great free service which helps you to monitor your web server.free server monitoring software


Jetpack is famous as the most used WordPress plugin. The features of jetpack enable every WordPress website to handle many functions with just one plugin. And for the people who don’t know, jetpack can be used as a server monitoring software or plugin too. Whenever my website is down, jetpack never fails to inform me about the incident. So, if you are using WordPress for your website then I will definitely suggest you to take benefit of this feature of JETPACK.

free server monitoring software


Nagios is a freeware and open-sourced. You can trust in this service as it is continuously developed and maintained by the huge Nagios community which is extended worldwide. There can’t be a useful software for monitoring all the web related stuff as Nagios is. It delivers real-time data with high security and ease. And all these for free! what else today’s user ask for. So, you should definitely check out the features of Nagios and experience the power of monitor your web powerfully.


So, here was the list of some great  and free server monitoring software. Hope you will like these softwares. I know there are many softwares I haven’t mentioned in this list. So, do mention them in comments below.



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