Give Me 7 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Commentluv

Give Me 7 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Commentluv

Truth About Commentluv


What is CommentLuv?

In my previous wordpress post i mentioned about how to prevent wordpress from getting hacked.  In this post let me first introduce you about commentluv if you are new to it. CommentLuv is a simple wordpress plugin that isn’t spam-related. It helps comment writers leave a link to their latest post with their comment. This can be useful for bloggers to detect non-relevant websites because it can show them the latest post of the commenters on their blog.

CommentLuv Plugin is a WordPress plugin available for free and also can be paid for the premium features as per your choice. Earning comments for your blog is always fun and it’s like obtaining respects and motivation for the work you did and helps to attach together with your loyal readers.

Getting comments on a blog specially a new blog isn’t simple, visitors returning to your blog comment only when they feel that they’re influenced with the post, and desire to comment on the topic or have some queries, that they suppose you will solve for them. I’ve also seen several bloggers (any niche) comment only when they get a backlink to their web site and that helps them to make traffic for his or her blogs.

Benefits of CommentLuv Plugin


Get a lot of comments

truth about commentluv


As I’ve previously talked about that once bloggers see that they get backlink and see their latest post additionally gets printed with it, they aim to comment for that backlink.

They also return to the blog for the latest post and update and comment on them to get more links to their blog.


 Reward your Readerstruth about commentluv

CommentLuv can be used to reward your readers, as when a blog owner comments on your blog post then he/she gets a backlink to their blog.

Everyone who finds commentluv on your blog can begin commenting on your blog as they realize that they get a backlink to their website.

Connect with Bloggers

truth about commentluv

When you find comments from your readers, it literally means that they’re connecting with you or wish to confer with you. You should also give a favour and reply their comments and follow one another on Twitter, google+, like facebook pages etc.  It’ll definitely establish loyal readers of your blog and shortly they’re going to begin caring your website.


Link building & Traffic generator for Commentators

truth about commentluv

This is the main reason why bloggers like to visit CommentLuv facilitated blogs. Your colleague bloggers create comments relating to articles and acquire links back to their web site. This can assist you to join with Bloggers in your niche and notice your challengers.

You can also place a widget of most comments from one person. It’ll encourage other bloggers to treat your blog posts.


 Filteration of spam more effectively

truth about commentluv

Many plugin is there for spam detection in the comment and Akismet plugin is mainly used however I believe its time to leave Akismet. The G.A.S.P. feature (premium) of CommentLuv prevents a lot of spam than Akismet and you don’t have to be forced to empty your spam comments. It reduced spam to almost zero in a blog and helped to save lots of time to delete spam. It needs user to tick the box with the text written confirming that it isn’t a bot or otherwise it’ll alert the user to tick the unchecked box.

not only this, it automatically notifies the comment replies and new comments to Guest authors

If somebody comments for 1st time on your blog, it’ll additionally direct him to thanks page for commenting on your page.


So there it is confirmed that commentluv is must use plugin. I also use it to build interaction with bloggers. And also to get there attention. I suggest you to use commentluv in your wordpress site to make blogosphere more interactive.




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