Transfer Data Between PC And Smartphone Using Wifi

How To Transfer Data Between PC And Smartphone Using Wifi

Hi in my previous android article I wrote about how to bypass applock  in this post I will like to share a quick and easy method on how to transfer data between PC and smartphone using Wifi

Techdeft encourages there readers to be technically deft, the main reason for this post is that when it comes to transfer of data between a android phone and your respective pc we consider using a physical connector such as usb to connect to, and transfer data. Its sounds clumsy (undeft) and it cannot be tolerated to find a usb connector and then plug it to the pc and then scan your mobile for virus and then transfer the data and the important part – “To safely remove hardware”. Move on guys, there are some easy methods by which you can easily transfer data and that too wireless. Only thing you need to do is just press a button.

Here are two method by which you can transfer data between your pc and and android phone wirelessly using wifi:-



Wifi file transfer is a free and a easy to deliver app. You need to install this app and press the start button. Then just open a browser in your pc and enter the address which is displayed in the app. Once you did it you will be easily able to transfer data from your android phone and your pc.techdeft

Note: For using this app you need to have a working internet connection with both laptop and smartphone active wifi



If you have any kind of problem with the above wifi file transfer app you can install the best alternative available for wireless data transfer using wifi. For using this you just need to download the Airdroid App. After downloading this app you need to

* go to the tools option

Hi in my previous post i mentioned how to bypass applock in this post I will like to share a quick and easy method on how to transfer data between PC and smartphone using Wifi

*then choose the “Tethering” option


*then press “set up portable hotspot”


Once you did that, a address will be shown on your screen. Just open that address in your pc browser.

Now you can easily transfer your data.

The best thing I like about this app is that you don’t need to have a internet connection for the transfer of data nor have to be on the same wifi network. Just follow the above steps and transfer data easily.

At last i will like to share a important thing. In techdeft avery writer tries to produce quality content. For e.g. in this article we would have written about 10 apps but we are aware of the fact that any android user tries to install less apps and take more benefit out of it. And hence considering quality more than quantity. So you can try both the apps for  transfer data between pc and smartphone using wifi.



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  1. Matt says:

    I like using airdroid for most things involving a PC. It just works like it’s supposed to. You just have to find the right combination of settings and browser.

  2. Amir says:

    Nice info bro….helpful though

  3. sanz says:

    You just forget to mention Share it, it is also a great alternative to share files via WIFI

  4. vikash says:

    From a long day i am searching such type of application. Now i got out it from your article thanks for your article.

  5. I want to admit that this is really beneficial, Many thanks for taking your time to compose this.

    Also visit my website – David Ridemar – read more

  6. Alize Camp says:

    I love the AirDroid app as it’s very simple to use and flexible to transfer file between computer and an android smartphone. All you need is just connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and share your Android smartphone storage as a shared drive.
    Alize Camp recently posted…Android File TransferMy Profile

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