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Change Login Background In Windows 10

How to change login Background In Windows 10 Finally, windows 10 has been released and according to windows almost 14 billion pc’s are updated with windows 10 and the numbers are counting. There are many features of windows 10 which people are liking and as compared to windows 8, people are looking satisfied too. I

How To Send Spoof Email

How To Send Spoof Email Hi, I am here with another interesting topic- How to Send Spoof Email to anyone. But Before you read ahead you should read- How to call someone from their own number. Email Id Spoofing means, sending emails to anybody with a different mail ID. Like if you want to send

Best WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not know 2015

Best WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not know 2015 WhatsApp needs no introduction. Today, WhatsApp is being used by 95% people who use smartphone. But there are certain things that can make your WhatsApp experience lot better. You can use WhatsApp more smartly and enjoy doing that. Here I am going to discuss some cool and

Videos As Wallpaper

Videos As Wallpaper Isn’t it amazing having a video wallpaper.. If you think it is then you are at the right place. Running videos as wallpaper can be done in many ways some are– writing a html code with a video background, making a gif image of a video.. But these are difficult tasks.  

How to make USB bootable

  How To Make USB Bootable Making a USB bootable is very helpful as Formating with a cd is time taking. It is important that you knew how to make a USB-bootable as it saves your time and effort. it’s possible that the cd corrupts at the mean time. so we moved on to making