Speed Up Windows With These Simple Tricks

Speed Up Windows With These Simple Tricks

Hi… This is my first post in Techdeft… I am writing this post because I think that many people are struggling to speed up/maintain their computer/laptop speed. I am going to discuss some quick ways, how you can speed up your PC speed. I tried these tricks and I was successfully able to hike my PC speed.

Here are few quick ways how to speed up the speed of windows

Speed Up Windows

Install an Anti-virus & Anti-spy

Well this is first and foremost thing you should do to speed up your pc. It is compulsory that’s why I have mentioned this. No rocket science is involved in this. If your computer is vulnerable with virus or a spy or any kind of malicious script then the speed of your computer will definitely be compromised.

You can install Avast Antivirus as it is available for free. A antivirus can deep scan your PC for infected virus and malware and remove them from your computer and hence you will have more speed.


Use less Programs at startup

Another handy option which you all know but more often you avoid this thing. You should always keep an eye on how much start-up program you use. Keep the programs which are really necessary and remove those which are not. It will definitely help in speeding up your pc.

To Start with you should check how much program is running as startup. You can check it by pressing “ ctrl+shft+esc” . Navigate to startup and disable all the programs which are not necessary or you don’t use

Uninstall less used Software

Installing to much of software and games might be the reason why your PC is slow. Uninstall them as quickly as possible. Once you uninstall them you will find a drastic change in the speed of your PC.


Disable Needless services

There are many services running in background which can degrade the performance of your windows. So you have to disable those services.

For disabling you should follow these steps:-

  • In the run box (you can get to run box by pressing win+r) just type msconfig.
  •  Now when a window will open navigate to services
  • Then at the bottom of the box you have to check the box where hide all Microsoft services is written
  • Now disable all the other services

Remove the Temporary files:

Temporary files are one which become junk files once there use is completed. So you have to delete all the temporary files. To delete the temporary files, you should follow these simple steps:-

  • Open the run command ( by pressing win+r)
  • Then just type %temp% and press enter
  • A window will open, just select all (by pressing ctrl+a)
  • Delete them

Directly goto Desktop

When your windows 8.1 will load, it will firstly open the start screen, which can degrade the speed of your PC.

If you want to directly boot to the desktop, then follow this simple steps:-

  • Open task-bar properties
  • Then navigate to navigation
  • Here in the start screen you have to check the box “ when I Sign in or Closing the Application On a Screen , go to the Desktop instead of Start’Speed Up windows

This will boot you directly to the desktop

Use CCleaner

You can use ccleaner for removing unwanted files from your PC. It does it with a single click. Just you have to download ccleaner from here CCleaner.

Make use of ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is preloaded in windows and it uses the space of your usb device to speed up your pc. Follow these simple steps to make use of readyboost.

  • Plugin a USB
  • Click properties tab
  • Navigate to Readyboost
  • Check the box “use this device”speed up windows



By Following this simple steps you can speed up your computer, same as I did. If you are having any problem in applying this steps , feel free to comment. If you like the post please share.





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