The Unconventional Guide to Seo Mistakes

The Unconventional Guide to Seo Mistakes

Hi in my previous post i wrote about the relationship between seo and sem here i am going to discuss about some common SEO mistakes. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for web sites related to traffic and conversion rate of visitors. Webmasters sometimes experiment with search engine optimization, but in the optimization process, tend to fall into some errors, resulting in lower ranking website. Here’s a look on SEO Mistakes made by webmasters or bloggers.

seo mistakes

Seo Mistakes

Misunderstanding: Keyword Density Too Large

While keywords are important for SEO, but for some owners, over-emphasis on SEO is not desirable. To get more searched they increase the density of keywords, which is a common mistakes of many bloggers, because doing so would be counterproductive.  Using a large pile of keywords, will increase the burden of the search engines crawl, webmasters should know the key position in the SEO has been gradually reduced, so that by this means to obtain higher website ranking is not wise approach.

Myth: Large Quantities Of Garbage Outside The Chain

Webmaster should know outside the chain is also an important factor in website ranking as it have a direct impact, compared to the number of external links. SEO process is to pay more attention to the quality of the chain. Even through some means of access to a large number of foreign chains, it’s should not be considered good as it may make you subject to search engine penalties, which is a common misunderstanding.


Myth: Theft Of Someone Else’s Article

Sometimes, because of the creation into the logjam or no time to write articles, many will choose to scarf someone else’s article, i.e. copy and paste from the Internet some quality articles, to improve the site’s ranking.


Myth: Irregular Update of Site

Updating the site frequently because it relates to the number of search engines to crawl. For some owners they do not have a fixed frequency of updates, and sometimes they update it in months and sometimes more articles in a day, these acts are not desirable,  which will reduce the number of search engines crawl.

Myth: Hidden Text To Get Traffic

Specifically this refers to hiding the effects by adjusting the size and color of the keyword, thereby obtaining means traffic. Because of this hidden effect content is difficult to see . This behavior is to deceive users and search engines, once they are found it will be severely punished.

Myth: Building Web Page Redirection Bridges

Similarly with hidden text, this is a cheating, after being found to the search engine also will be severely treated. It is a techniques by setting the page redirect to guide the user from a well-optimized website into their own websites.

Seventh Mistakes: Many Images And Flash Animations

Too many pictures will slow down the loading speed of your site, reduce the user’s experience. If your site does not need a lot of pictures to show, it is recommended that you should not use too many pictures to decorate the site. A lot of pictures will increase the difficulty of the search engines to crawl and hence reduce the effect of SEO. In short, we do search engine optimization for improving the site’s user experience, search engines usually let those site rank better which have better user experience.


Avoid doing these mistakes of search engine optimization to get more traffic and higher ranking in search engines.




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