Send Self Destructing Emails

5 Ways To Send Self Destructing Emails

In my previous post I wrote about how to spoof email id. Here I am going to share how to send self destructing emails. It means the email will get automatically destroyed once it have been opened. This trick plays handy when you don’t want that the receiver keeps log of your message.

Send Self Destructing Emails

Sending self destructing message can be helpful when you want to send a private email and you don’t want the receiver to keep the message… So here is the list of some sites which can help you to send self destructing emails.

Send Self Destructing Emails

This is the easiest way to send self destructing email. You just have to visit the site a write your message a link will be generated that will be accessible only once and then it will be deleted. This site deletes these message form there servers too.


This site also works on the same principle and will generate a link when you type your messages. Once you have typed your messages and pressed enter then a link will be generated, which you can send to anyone. It will be accessible only once.



This is another alternative to the above sites and this can be used to send self
destructing emails. Now the best thing I like about this site is that you can send email to a person with a secret key anyone who don’t have the secret key will not be able to open this email.. And once the email have be opened. This email will be deleted.


Destructing Message

This site also enables you to send self destructing email. You just have to visit the site and write your message. You will be able to set time limit, when your messages will be deleted. This way you will be able to send all the messages anonymously.


Mail2Cloud for Chrome

You can also use a chrome extension for send self destructing messages.  The service is totally free and this extension can be used without any problem. You can share files privately, you can use reply timeout, and you can schedule emails. But this extension works for Gmail only.


Here is a way you can send a photo which will be automatically deleted when once seen..

You just have to open Pictle. Upload the desired image and send the link to whosoever you want. It will get automatically deleted once seen.


So here where the sites which enables you to send self destructing emails. One of the site which will help you send Self destructing image is also present in the list.

So, did these sites helped you to send self destructing emails ? Do let me know which site you use to send self-destructing emails.



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