Secure Windows PC with USB Lock

How to Secure Windows PC with USB Lock

HI, today I am going to share an interesting trick, which is how to secure windows pc with usb lock. This trick comes handy when you want to provide a high security to your windows or mac pc. As windows provides three ways to login to your windows pc i.e. simple password, 4 digit pin and a picture password, you can also use this trick to provide extra security to your computer. In addition to extra security, it also provide ease to logging-in to windows without typing a password, you just need to insert your pen drive and with your pen drive inserted you will be able to log in to your windows.

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So, by following these simple steps you will be able to access windows with a ease with the help of a pen drive.

How to Secure Windows PC Using USB Lock

For securing and logging-in with ease into your pc, you first have to download Rohos from here

  • Once you have downloaded Rohos, install it
  • Then insert the pen drive you want to use as a key for your windows
  • Once Rohos is installed, open it, it will ask for your current windows password.
  • Once you insert your current windows password, you are done
  • When you login next time to your pc, use your pen drive to login.. No need to type password


So by following these simple steps you would be able to use your pen drive as a key to your computer. Next time play smarter, don’t type password every time you login to windows, and use your pen drive.

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