How To Scrap Websites Without Coding For Free -The Pro Way

How To Scrap Websites Without Coding For Free – The Pro Way

For those who don’t know what scrapping websites is, first let me tell you what it actually is. Now assume you have to get all data from a website, for example, Now you will say that this thing is very easy as Flipkart gives product feeds.  But what if you have to extract data from a website which doesn’t provide you those product feeds. Then in those conditions, scraping website comes into play. Scrap Websites Without Coding for free.

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How To Scrap A Website

Now, scrapping website can be an easy task for a pro developer, but what if you have little or no knowledge about the some languages such as PHP?  Then for that condition, these webs based programs come to your rescue.

Now the first website I found useful for web scrapping is kimono.

  • With the use of Kimono, you can create a powerful API without having to code. These API will help you to get all of the data in a structured manner directly to your database, or apps.
  • The kimono sensible extractor acknowledges patterns in online page permitting you get the information you would like quickly and visually
  • The best thing I liked about kimono is that it host your data and API’s in the cloud, and it is run whenever you require.
  • These all features are free.
  • And overall it will be a great website to start with.

Here is a video to make you familiar to Kimono, if you are planning to use its features.

Another website that can be used to scrap website data is I have used this website personally and i can say that this web scrapper website provides you the best scarping software on internet. By using its scarping software you will feel the power of website scarping.

Here are some of the features of

  • have a powerful infrastructure that can handle any number of requests. It promises that it can collect millions of data records in a day from web.
  • Service is so awesome that should charge for it, but they are providing these features free of cost.



You can also use some google chrome extensions that are also available for free.

If you know about some more web extraction tools that are available for free and are available for free then share them in the comments below.




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