Analysis Of Relationship Between SEO And SEM

Analysis Of Relationship Between SEO And SEM

Hi in my previous article I wrote about Advantages and disadvantages of Open source software. Here I am going for the Analysis of relationship between SEO and SEM.

With the initiation of the information age, many businesses and individuals are building their own online website. Therefore, site optimization has become an important aspect of webmasters, and the search engine will naturally become a hotly contested spot. I believe many people are not familiar with SEO and SEM, their relationship, and what each contains is less clear. Today, I will give you clear idea of what these two are:-

relationship between SEO and SEM

Relationship Between SEO And SEM

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO (search engine optimization) is a specialty to attend rank as search engines use search rules to improve your site’s ranking in natural search engine relevant way. SEO is divided into white hat SEO and black hat SEO, white hat SEO is a fair way to use SEO search engine optimization methods in line with mainstream policy issue regulations. The black hat SEO refers to all methods using cheating or suspicious means to improve the ranking and is not to be promoted and is consider to be unpopular SEO method, once the site has been detected, search engine will give the site some penalty.

What is SEM?

SEM (search engine marketing) is the use of search engines as a way of network marketing, which is the most popular network marketing. Search engine marketing can be divided into PPC and SEO. PPC refers to the post-paid to get the search engines on the front rank for a keyword, this approach is generally in accordance with PPC, owners can set up a lot of keywords, because it is paid in accordance with the results, and an unlimited number of keywords. So many companies have chosen to use this way to promote. In the most popular PPC, most people use google bid auction to grace with their presence. For SEO search engine marketing there are many ways, including website content optimization, keyword optimization, code optimization, image optimization and so on.

SEO and SEM Relationship

1. The Logic

As can be seen from the above definition, SEO is part of SEM, SEM includes SEO and PPC. SEO is a technical meaning of SEM.

2. Both Are Used For Different Purposes

SEO is a website optimization techniques, and its main purpose is to have a good website ranking in the search engines. The SEM is mainly to attract more customers through the network to promote ways to achieve marketing success and is used for branding purposes. SEO and SEM are related to pay more attention in terms of site traffic, more emphasis on business value which brings customers to site.

3. SEM SEO Guide For Direction

As already mentioned, SEO SEM can be used for services, SEO SEM can be used to achieve good sales or branding effect. SEO impacts on keyword ranking as by optimizing certain keywords, it can attract customers into the target site for buyers and customers and then generate sales, this conversion rate is the guiding direction for SEO SEM.

4. SEM and SEO’s -Long or Short

From a practical point of view, though SEO you can improve your site’s search engine ranking, technically, but this effect is not immediate. Imagine if the search engine results pages in the front five which are bidding advertisement, then at the back of the site it would be difficult to add a user click-through rate, in addition, SEO generally is done in accordance with the number of keywords to charge, so the key is a limited number of words, but there is no SEM PPC keyword restrictions. In addition, SEM PPC companies can be used to send a positive message to the user, more favorable to corporate branding. Summing up the appeal, small series that requires long-term SEO do insist on doing, SEM PPC will obtain an immediate effect, bringing the effective performance of the business needs.





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