Phone Over Internet From PC To Mobile Free

Phone Over Internet From PC To Mobile Free

Hi, after reading the title of this post, you might be thinking that why I am writing about how to Phone Over Internet From PC To Mobile although there are many apps present which can serve you for this purpose. OK I can understand this fact, but what will you do when the person you want to call doesn’t have that app in there phone and you don’t have balance?? Well this trick plays handy in this condition. Here is awesome list of some working sites that can help you call anyone in India without showing your number and it is free of cost.How To Make Free Calls From PC To Mobile In India


Phone Over Internet From PC To Mobile

1. Call2friends

Here is the first site from which you can make call free of cost in India.One of the advantage of this site is you can make an urgent call to anyone when you need it but there is a disadvantage too… By the help of call2friends you can also make free international phone calls.

The site enables you to call (assuming “you” in India) anyone for 1 min only and for once a day.

Now you might be thinking WT* is this. Yup it’s true.Now I am going to share a trick by which you can make unlimited calls for free.

How To Bypass Restriction

Here at TECHDEFT you will get some extra, which you will not find at other sites. Here is a way by which you can bypass the restriction of You just need to have Mozilla add-on or Chrome Extension for this. Once you have installed this extension then, Switch to a proxy from other countries like USA or something like that.

Phone Over Internet From PC To Mobile Free

Then make the call… Now you will find that the restrictions are over and you will be able to make call to anyone in India for free for about 3 min. But the interesting part is, its unlimited. No matter how much times you make call.. So



2.Site2SmsPhone Over Internet From PC To Mobile Free

Site2sms another alternate option is This site also gives you access to free calls in India and its free. Once you login to this site, it will give the access you to call for 2 min. You can make about 15 calls in a day. But it disconnects after 2 min and it is problem. But still its enough to make a urgent call.


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