Optimize WordPress intended for speed and security

Optimize WordPress intended for speed and security

optimize wordpress

In my previous article I mention about benefits of commentluv plugin. Here I am going to discuss some points on how to optimize WordPress to cop the google page-insight test.

WordPress installation is a very easy process very web geek or even a newbie are aware of or can easily learn. But after installing WordPress you need to optimize your WordPress

In search of better speed and more security.

Optimize WordPress intended for speed and security

Optimize WordPress in 7 easy steps

There are few steps you can take to make your self-hosted WordPress site to be more protected and firm. They are:-

1.Compress And Combine JS And CSS Files

In google page speed insights you can find a line usually in red or yellow about Compress the JS and CSS, as it is vital to compress them to decrease the page load time , as it will also decrease the overall page size.
Another decent entity to cling into mind is to combine CSS and JS files as it results in the decrease in number of HTTP request to related web server.

There are numerous sites which enable you to compress the javascript and css such as

But since we are using wordpress in this tutorial therefore I suggest you to consider a WordPress plugin wp-super minify for combining various JS and CSS files into one file.

2.Change The Media Upload Folder


I suggest you to move the media upload folder to a different sub-domain rather the default directory.


Better load time of speed as the browser will take equivalent downloads from different domains

How to do it:-

Open the wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder. And add the following

define( ‘WP_CONTENT_URL’, ‘http://files.domain.com/uploads’ );

define( ‘WP_CONTENT_DIR’, $_SERVER[‘HOME’] . ‘/files.domain.com/uploads’ );

you can also use image hosting sites to deliver your image to optimize your WordPress like tinypic.com but then you will not own your images and any body can use it without your permission

3.Caching can help win

Caching is very important when it comes to speed of sites. WordPress has several decent plugins existing which assist this purpose. These plugins commonly generate .htm files for every posts and pages, and hence it is used to serve these html files instead of making the database queries each time.

There are lots of plugin accessible in the WordPress but primarily and the best suggested ones are:-.

So caching is required and everybody uses it for the best result from there website.

4. Use of content delivery network (CDN)

A cloud delivery network increases the site speed. I’ll suggest the use of Cloudflare as it is free of cost. It not only increase the website speed but also make the site more secure. You can easily upgrade the cloudflare feature and if for some reason you don’t like cloudflare there is another alternative CDN- max cdn. And therefore the use of CND will definitely optimize WordPress site.

 5. Use GZip compression

By using a gzip compression plugin for your wordpress site you can decrease the page size of your site more than 70%. It helps in decrease the page load speed. For Gzip compression you can easily download a gzip plugin.


6. Optimize the images by wp-smush.it

Smaller sized image or compressed images can drastically lower the page load speed. So it is suggested to optimize the image by the use of a simple wordpress plugin.

Wp-smushit is a simple plugin which we can use to optimize bluk images in the wordpress there is also a extension for firefox- smush.it. Just use these to optimize the images on your site to make your site speed-up.


7. Optimizing the Database

Some limited number of good plugins are existing which can easily optimize and preserve the WordPress database. I’ll list some suggested one :

For more sercuirty of your blog you can read this post on How to prevent wordpress from getting hacked





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