How To Send Spoof Email

How To Send Spoof Email

Hi, I am here with another interesting topic- How to Send Spoof Email to anyone. But Before you read ahead you should read- How to call someone from their own number.

Email Id Spoofing means, sending emails to anybody with a different mail ID. Like if you want to send email to and you don’t want to mention your email ID there or you want some other email address pretending to be sending your message, then this trick comes into play.

You heard it correct, this can be done. And it can be done very easily indeed… Many of us use to pay ethical hackers some bucks to learn these simple tricks. Although my method is easy and they use more sophisticated tools, but if you want knowledge, Techdeft will provide you free of cost.

Disclaimer:- Before claiming anything on us that we are motivating you to do this, first claim on the sites which are enabling you to do so. Read Our DISCLAIMER


Send Spoof Email

There are many sites which enables you to send spoofed message but many of them are not working and just waste your time. Here are some sites which enables you to spoof your email id and the best benefit of using the listed site is, you don’t need to sign in also.. So here is the list:


Anonysurfer is the first in our list as this site is really fast and can send you messages with a spoofed ID in seconds.

You just need to go to this website and click ANONYMAILER .

Enter the required details and send the message. The message sent have a link to anonysurfer, and this link can be removed when you pay them some bucks. But why pay?? If you have a better alternative present, head towards the number second of our list.

  1. EMKEI

Emkei is not only an alternative to anonysurfer but a better choice too…  You can send message to anyone with any email id and these message will not contain any link of the site you are using. That’s why I will sugegest you to use this site for send message.



The third and the last one is Anonymouse. This site is in our list because you have to fill only three columns and your message will be send as a name Anonymous.

So here was the list of three working sites that you can use to send messages.

Now the bigger question is how somebody will come to know that the email id has been spoofed.

How To Stop Email Spoofing

It feels good on being on the side sending messages. But to make sure the one on the side receiving messages can also deal with it is my main concern. So Here are few tips you can use to recognize and stop email spoofing.

  1. All the spoofed messages comes in spam folder so don’t ever believe on the spam folder from now
  2. But if someone is using EMKEI to send messages then it is not possible to track them in mail clients such as YAHOO (as yahoo don’t recognize these messages as spam).. So I will suggest that you use Gmail as it has more security compared to yahoo.How to Spoof Email ID


The information I try to provide from techdeft as a medium can’t be found on any other site.. It may be possible after months or so that some lames copy me but otherwise all stuffs are unique and are a part of my experience. Do tell me know about your experience after reading this article. If you are a web geek too, then do let me know some other best site for attending this purpose.



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