How to make USB bootable


How To Make USB Bootable

Making a USB bootable is very helpful as Formating with a cd is time taking. It is important that you knew how to make a USB-bootable as it saves your time and effort. it’s possible that the cd corrupts at the mean time. so we moved on to making a Pendrive bootable. Making a USB bootable may not be a difficult task for some. But using a command prompt to make a Pendrive bootable is indeed an extended task that many don’t like to do.

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Make USB Bootable


There are lots of software present on the internet which enable you to make a bootable USB. The only thing you need to have is the software installed. Then You need to drag and drop the image file of operating system in this software and your USB will be converted to a bootable USB. As simple as that.

The software we are going to use in this tutorial is Rufus.

How to make USB bootable

Rufus is a simple yet powerful tool to make USB bootable. what you need to do is just install Rufus which is free, and open source. Once you install it, you need to select the device (probably a pendrive). You can set partition scheme also. Then select the ISO image or DD image from the option box. Once it is done, click on ready.

Your bootable USB will be created in 5-10 minutes. The best thing I like about Rufus is, it is super fast as compared to other software and easy to operate as well. It can be used to make a bootable USB of any system. it may be windows, linux or any other operating system.


Rufus is a great free of cost software which enable us to make Usb bootable. If you also tried Rufus for making USB bootable then let me know your experience with this software.




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