How To Change Processor Name in windows 8/8.1

How To Change Processor Name in windows 8/8.1/10

Change Processor Name in windows 8/8.1/10
Change Processor Name in windows 8/8.1/10

Many of my friends were impressed that the laptop I use, is the latest one, it contains i7 processor with 8 GB of RAM but when I want to prove them that i9 is also available then the freaks are going to believe that too. Because I am aware of the trick, how can I change the name of my processor and they aren’t. It means when someone opens the property of my computer (this pc) then they will find something influencing. Now if you also want to fool your friends by showing them a different name of your processor then just follow this simple trick. For your convenience I am writing it step by step:-

  1. Open run by pressing win+r in your windows pc
  2. Then write “regedit”
  • Follow this path – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0\

    Change Processor Name in windows
    Change Processor Name in windows
  1. Once you are there, you will find your processor name written there, just change it (the name string).

When you are done with it, you will be able to see your processor name changed when you open your “This pc” properties.

But a thing to notice is that the change is not permanent. i.e. when you restart your pc you will find that the name of the processor is again back to its normal value. It is because when you restart your pc, Windows boots and it checks the allied hardware and updates the registry value spontaneously.

How to change processor name in windows 8/8.1/10 permanently

To change the processor name of your pc permanently you should follow these simple steps. For this purpose you need to create a registry key and place a shortcut to it in the Windows startup folder. For accomplishing this task the steps are:-

  1. Open Notepad.
    2.  Copy and paste the exact code given below:-

Windows Registry Editor Version 6.4

“ProcessorNameString”=”My Processors new name @ 4 Ghz”


(Note: the registry version is different for windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10. Change them as per your requirement. Version 6.4 is used for windows 10)

To alter your processor name just change “My Processors new name @ 4 Ghz” and write the name as you like.
3.  Save this file with an extension *.reg. (e.g. newprocessor.reg)
4.  Just copy this file and paste it in the startup folder in your c:\ drive (or your default system drive)

  1. The startup folder can be located in windows pc in C:\Users\ User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. note that AppData is a hidden folder.).Now every time you restart your pc this file will load at startup and even after restarting your pc, you will see that the changed processor name is permanent.



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