How To Avoid Caller Id Spoofing

How To Avoid Caller Id Spoofing

In my previous post I wrote about “How To Call Someone From Their Own Number”. Many people who were anware of this fact were impressed but some of my friends were worried about its consequences.. I can understand their feeling.. Let me explain you, getting rid of a problem by not knowing it or not letting others to know is never a solution, one day or other they will come to know, although the medium might be different. The solution is to solve the problem.

So I thought of writing this post as many of you would be thinking of how these kind of caller id spoofing can be avoided.

Here are some points that will avoid the caller id spoofing:-

1.  There are lots of app present in the google play that will make you feel more comfortable. One of those app is “phone 2 location” this app gives you the location of the phone call. Now if somebody calls me by my friends number then something like this will be displayed..How To Avoid Caller Id Spoofing

Location from a foreign country to make it simple.. just avoid such ISD looking calls.

You can easily understand if somebody calls by your number.. Just don’t receive it.. Block it

2. Use your common sense and just don’t believe before verifying that the number you received is fake or a real one.

3. REMEMBER your calls logs are maintained.. you can read it here .Voxox services or any other service will corporate and give all the details of yours or anybody to law enforcement agency if it is required.. So if somebody threatens you, you can take the help of the law.

4. You should know all the techniques by which spammers or cybercriminals perform there task. And my pervious post intended the same motto of making people aware.



For all the problem, education is the solution, Sharing is the solution and those who think education and sharing is not the solution.. then comment..:-)



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