How To Get A Free Domain Name

Get A Free Domain Name

Hi, here I am with an interesting stuff to share. Getting a domain name for free is a dream for every new blogger. Now here I am going to share an interesting trick on how to get free domain name.

The free domain names can be helpful if you want to experiment with your new idea, to check whether it works or not. You can also use free domains for some college events or you can use it developing a website. So, here are the ways through which you can get free domain names.


Get Free Domain Names


By using FreeNom you can browse through all the available free domains. You can get .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq as these domains are free. You can use these domains free for a period of one year and after that you need to pay bucks, if you continue its use. There are many other alternatives present on web, but I will recommend you to use Freenom . As it’s the fastest way to search for the free domain and use it for a year.

free domain name

A domain name up to three digit is considered to be a special domain, e.g “” is considered to be a special domain and you can’t get it for free. Whereas you can get any another domain whose length is more than three letters

Once a period of one year is passed out, you can redirect this domain to a new domain too.

But the thing is why you will prefer a totally free domain when a low-cost .com alternative to free domain is available. Yes, you can get a .com at almost no price.

If you want to get .com, .net or .org domain then, you need to buy them. You can get a .com domain for as low as 1.4$ (Rs.100) for year. You can use bigrock for this purpose.


Well, a free domain will always be useful for a short-term project. But if you are planning for a long run then I will suggest you to buy a high level domain. These are seo friendly and help you to get indexed by google.





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