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Windows 10 AVAILABLE

WINDOWS 10 AVAILABLE you were waiting for windows 9 to come. But a surprise is that, windows has launched preview of windows 10.yes you heard it correct windows 10 available.. You can download windows 10 form here windows 10 Things to known before downloading and installing windows 10 :- windows 10 is currently not completed

Videos As Wallpaper

Videos As Wallpaper Isn’t it amazing having a video wallpaper.. If you think it is then you are at the right place. Running videos as wallpaper can be done in many ways some are– writing a html code with a video background, making a gif image of a video.. But these are difficult tasks.  


Most Powerful Windows Lock Commonly we can find a user lock in the welcome screen in windows which can give a hint when asked for, A second or third option for logging is also available in windows 8 or windows 8.1  but there is another lock which will neither give you a hint nor any kind


HIDE DRIVE IN WINDOWS Do you have some secrets and you don’t want them to be exposed, then you are at the right is a awesome trick for you. It is a trick by which you can easily hide a local disk of your computer.. Don’t worry for its side effects as because no