Bypass Applock In Android

Bypass Applock

we always use a app locker to protect our private data in a android application. But when i am going to say thats all in vain then you will be definetly worried about it.

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bypass applock


There is a simple trick by which you can easily bypass app lock . first one which we all will be aware about is uninstalling the app locker if it doesn’t ask
for any password when uninstalling the application.
the second one is you can goto to the settings in the android phone then applications then select the app locker and press clear data. BOOM! you will find that the app
locker lost it control over the locked application.
third one is you can force stop the app locker application.

How to be safe and secure using a app locker..

you might be thinking that, is there any way by which you can protect your personal chats and data from a unwanted access. Yes there is.. so keep on reading

Firstly you require a application locker that ask for a password when it is to be uninstalled.
Then you lock the various apps-
*the settings app (for disabling the the clear data or uninstall feature)
*playstore or mobogiene (for disabling the chances for any third party application)
*file manager
*any backup associated
*disable the install of third party appications

this is a way that you can your app locker to be more protected.

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So i this way you can bypass applock. From the above trick it might be clear to you that how the applockers can be bypassed. So i will be suggesting you to keep the above steps in mind on how to be safe and secure while using a android phone applocker .k



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