How To Block Facebook From Tracking You

How To Block Facebook From Tracking You

Most of us are fond of Facebook. And why should not be? It is the largest platform of social media with 800 million users. It comes with so much lucrative features. But do know that facebook is tracking your browsing habit? Even if you think that it is safe to log out after each session, then sorry, you are wrong. Facebook is tracking which sites you visit most even if you log out. If you have no account in facebook then also you are not safe. So,that why we have brought you ways to block facebook from tracking you.

How To Block Facebook From Tracking You

 Block Facebook From Tracking You.

It is no more hidden that facebook collects data from users to make personalized ad experience. The tracking is that every time an internet user  clicks on to a third-party page which has a Facebook plug-in attached(eg-‘Like’ ),  a record is sent back to the company.

Your Informations On Threat.

  1. Browsing History.
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Ad-Preference
  5. Education
  6. Income

Solution To Block Facebook From Tracking You


On Android devices, select Google Settings >  > Ads >>, and turn off Ads Personalization.


On iPhone or iPad, select Settings > Privacy > Advertising,and enable the Limit Ad Tracking 


In the Chrome browser (or any other — their settings are similar), open Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy, and check the box that says Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic.


Let us follow the above given steps to stay safe and continue to enjoy our digital social life.  Facebook and some other companies have signed an agreement that ties them to respect the unwillingness of users to be under surveillance. Hope the article has made you aware and helped.




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