Best WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not know 2015

Best WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not know 2015

WhatsApp needs no introduction. Today, WhatsApp is being used by 95% people who use smartphone. But there are certain things that can make your WhatsApp experience lot better. You can use WhatsApp more smartly and enjoy doing that. Here I am going to discuss some cool and handy tricks you will enjoy trying them. And the best thing is that you might not know these tricks before reading this post. So here are 5 WhatsApp tricks you might not know.


Best WhatsApp Tricks

How To Send .apk, PDF, .exe Or Any Kind Of File On WhatsApp

You all will be aware of the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t allows you to send files other than images, text, and videos. But after trying this useful trick you will be able to send many type of files to your WhatsApp friend.

What you have to do is just download the app WHATS PACKED 2ADS.. With the help of this you will be able to share any find of file in WhatsApp.

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Get Chat Head For WhatsApp on Android

One of the best thing I like about messenger was it chat-heads and it was missed in whats app until I discovered this trick.

  • Just download and install Dashdow What App.
  • After opening this app you will be able to get chat –heads for WhatsApp… You just need to turn on Dashdow What App in accessibility.
  • Now enjoy WhatsApp with chat head.


How To Use WhatsApp Without Using Any Number

As it is a known fact that after installing WhatsApp to our smartphone we are asked for a confirmation code. But if you don’t want to use any number and enjoy using WhatsApp. Here is a simple trick.

  • Firstly you need to uninstall WhatsApp from your Phone.
  • Then you have to again download WhatsApp and install it.
  • The tricky part starts from here, you have to remove your sim card and connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi.
  • Now visit Receive Sms Online and choose the number which is less used.
  • Now add this number in your WhatsApp and Let WhatsApp to confirm your number
  • Now wait for 5-8 min till WhatsApp sends sms to this number.. The confirmation code will so up in the Website itself. Enter that Confirmation code and enjoy using WhatsApp without your actual phone number.

Create a Fake Conversation to Prank Your Friends- Best WhatsApp tips and Tricks 2015

Creating fake message conversation is always a fun to prank friends. So here is a simple app that can easily help you to create fake real looking WhatsApp conversation. Just download Yazzy Fake Conversations once you download this app you will be able to create fake conversation of not only WhatsApp, but many other messaging app… Such as Facebook, twitter etc.



These tricks are unique and you should definitely give it them a try.




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