Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Source Software

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Source Software Revealed

Open source software is a software that people use for commercial purposes, and it is available for free which is its greatest advantage. Although open source software comes from the organization which account for a large proportion, but because it is developed by a non-profit organization, it is expected that there are some disadvantages.

After working with various open source software I thought of revealing certain advantages and disadvantages of open source software.advantages and disadvantages of open source software

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Source Software

Advantages of OSS

1. It Takes Less Hardware And Software

As because Linux and other open source software can be easily compressed and are portable, so when performing the same task, they put less load on the server, as Solaris, Windows or workstation uses less hardware resources. Thus, even in the case of using the old, inexpensive hardware environments, user can also get the desired result. In addition, you can also use open source software to cut your financial expenses such as royalties and maintenance fees. You only need to pay for documents, media and technical support.

 2. Great Quality

Many open source have a great quality, such as- they are easy to design, and have efficient coding process. In addition, because there are developers and users continuously engaged in modification, adding features, problem solving, it results that open source software has better quality, greater safety and less bug. In addition, these open source software’s code can be used, which makes them very popular among users.

3. No Vendor Lock

Using open source software means that you are not going to use vendor lock-specific operating system. Therefore, IT managers use oss to stay away from vendor lock and pay high payments, while avoiding the use of software portability. More importantly, the open-source software is not dependent on the original developer or Development Company. This also ensures that when the developer or development companies lose interest in support of a particular product, then the majority of the users of a community can continue to maintain it and continue to improve it futher.

4. Integrated Management And Simple License Management

The use of open source software technologies include the common information model, web-based enterprise management and hence the website managers can use these techniques for integrated management and take benefit from it. In addition, these high-end technology allows users to integrate and manage servers, applications, services, and workstations, which improves management efficiently.

Disadvantages Of OSS

As we all known that there are two faces of a coin. Hence there are some disadvantages of open source software also.. Some of them are:

1. There Is No Free Technical Support

The most obvious disadvantage in open source software is that the developers will develop according to their own wishes, rather than the consumer demand for the product, it means that if a user don’t know how to use the products, he had to spend extra time or money for technical assistance.

2. The Security Is Little

If your site/blog/company is using open source- content management system (CMS) to transmit or store sensitive customer data, then security is a factor to be considered. However, I think that open source products are not so safe, many companies will not use them for critical mission operations such as financial and medical proceedings.

 3. High Maintenance Costs

Because open source software is freely available on the Internet, so it gives birth to suggestions of the bug fixes and patches from the users. This may result in a large number patches, therefore the source code is more complicated and lead to structural problems. In addition, any problems will lead to high maintenance costs.


Open source software has its own advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes in a particular case it is very useful. If you have a personal blog running on oss like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc they its fine but if you have your business  then the technical skills are demanded, so you should spend more time to train staff to better use of open source software.



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