A Web Browser Better Than Chrome, Introducing Citrio

A Web Browser Better Than Chrome, Introducing Citrio

There are lots of web browsers present on the internet, and chrome is considered the best browser by more than half people who are currently using the internet as because it’s a project of google and it is continuously evolving its feature and speed. The main rival of google chrome is considered to be Mozilla. Which is the best browser, is the question not answered but some people prefer chrome and some prefer Mozilla and others prefer Microsoft edge, opera etc.

But it’s a human nature to get more than he is getting now. For this reason, Citrio is a great alternative to google chrome browser.

web browser better than chrome
Same Look And Feel Of Chrome, But Different
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Why Citrio?

Why use citrio might be the question in your mind and the answer to that question is really simple. As because everybody wants a positive change. And citrio being based on chromium project, will help you to get that positive change in your web browsing.

Is Citrio Browser Better Than chrome?

Yes, Citrio browser is better than chrome. The reason I am saying this is because, I have used this browser and the features it provides are really cool.

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What are the different features of Citrio?

Great Download Manager

citrio web browser review

First of all, Citrio browser comes up with a great download manager. You can download any thing on web with a great speed. You can download torrents too. as citrio has inbuilt bittorrent client too.  It has integrated download accelerator which helps you to get your download fast as compared to other browsers.

Video Downloaderweb browser better than chrome

As you know that chrome doesn’t come with a video downloader, and if you want  a video downloader you have to search it the chrome store. But Citrio is a solution to all your problems. As it’s integrated with a download manager which makes your video download super easy. You can download videos from youtube, Dailymotion and lots of other websites.

Citrio Proxy extension

So, you want to surf the web anonymously? Citrio has a solution, as it comes with a  proxy widget too. you just need to add a proxy from Samair.ru and you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Social share

There are lots of social sharing extensions in google chrome store and you need to find them. But citrio has a social share widget which is simple and useful. You can share any web page in your social media account with a single click

How to get Citrio?

Just follow this Link – Download Citrio


Citrio is a great browser with the same look and feels as of google chrome. As citrio has the same interference like google chrome, you should definitely give it a try. And please let me know, whether you liked citrio or not.






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