5 Best iOS App For Social Media Marketing

5 Best iOS App For Social Media Marketing

It is great news for social media marketers that a vast portion of the global community has gone mobile. It is no longer required of social media marketers to tie themselves to a laptop screen. You can get pretty much anything done on the go with the help of your iPhone. In this post I am going to share the review of 5 great iPhone apps that will make the lives of social media marketers a lot easier.

Best iOS App For Social Media Marketing

#5 TweetBot 3

After a serious revamping and exclusive redesigning for iOs 7, TweetBot3 has become a favorite for those who use Twitter actively for social media marketing. The new version sports a cool design and is also a lot faster than ever before. The greatest feature about this app is that it lets you integrates direct messages, read statuses, timeline position and mute filters across all your devices. You can even link the app to other online services like Pocket, CloudApp, Instapaper, etc.

download Tweetbot

#4 Buffer

If you thought Buffer is any ordinary app that makes your video buffering quicker, you underestimated its potentials. It is a magnificent app that “buffer” your social media updates as per your desired schedule for various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. The app provides tolerable space between each post and ensures that every one of them gets their deserved attention. In case, you want to create a post straightaway, you can always use to “Post Now” feature to send the feed. Buffer ensures that your posts are not made all at a time thereby cluttering your newsfeed and making them unpleasant.

Download Buffer

#3 iSEO

The very lifeline of digital marketing is SEO and without saying it is understood that an app like iSEO is inevitable for a social media marketing professional. iSEO allows its users to track infinite number of domains easily. The interface is simple and intuitive and gives a splendid tracking of details like link popularity, PageRank, indexed pages, Alexa Stats, directory inclusions, load times, social mentions and many others. The app also automatically saves screenshots of your stats with a timestamp that makes it easy to make comparisons.

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#2 Analytics App:

As a social media marketing professional you will definitely want to have data about your digital marketing campaigns on your finger tips. With Analytics you can have Google analytics presented to you in a sleek and user friendly manner that you will fall in love with it. The app also sports a neat and clutter free interface that is also intuitive of the user operations. A set of pre-organized reports also come with the app that can be customized and sorted according to your preferences.

Download Analytics App

#1 HootSuite:

HootSuite is the most recognized and adored social media management app of the world. You can manage schedule and manage your social media posts on a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. HootSuite also allows you to schedule a post to a future date. With the help of Autoschedule feature, multiple messages can be scheduled to be posted over a number of user defined dates. This user friendly app also allows you to keep track of the click-through stats of your posts on single touch.

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On top of these well known social marketing apps, many people have started to use WhatsApp for marketing their products or the services. The small business owners like tailor or apparel seller send latest designs to their regular customers. WhatsApp calling or sending message through this app is relatively cheaper and convenient for the business owners as well as for the customers. Moving forward, with the incorporation of video calling feature, WhatsApp will revolutionize the communication world.


Did you find these apps helpful too? Let me know if know more of ios apps which can help in social media marketing.



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