5 Best Apps To Transfer Files From Pc To Pc Via Wifi

Best Apps To Transfer Files From Pc To Pc Via Wifi

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Sending and receiving files is easier these days. Everybody is having a smartphone and can easily share data from a smartphone to a smartphone or from smartphone to Pc. But for sharing files from a PC to PC there are many options like you can upload a file to sites and then download it from the FTP, or use a pen drive to take the data from one PC to the other, there is also an option of transfer of files using WiFi. But these takes lots of time. and to cut off the time taken in the transfer you need to transfer files from PC to PC via WiFi.

How To transfer files from PC To PC via WIFI

Now there are lots of software which let you achieve this purpose. What you need to do is just download this software to your windows or Mac computer and then you will be able to transfer all the files or folders with anyone who is connected to the same Wifi Network. So, here is the list of best software which enable you to transfer files from PC to Pc via Wifi.

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transfer files from pc to pc via wifi

This is a simple application, with lots of functions. Whether you want to transfer a files from PC to PC, or PC to a Smartphone or from a smartphone to smartphone. You just need to install this app in both the systems in which you want to share the file or folder. Once installed, you just need to drag and drop the files in the application and the file will be sent to respective systems. The Best part of this application is that you can share files directly with the help of website too.


A must have application for your computer or smartphone. It transfers file with a simple drag and drop feature. The best part is, it is free and unlimited files can be transferred at a high speed.

Send Anywhere

The application deserves to be in this list. As because of it’s great speed of file sharing, it makes the transfer of files over Wifi super simple.   It also uses Peer to peer service without cloud storage. That’s why, everything will be sent from one computer to other without any third medium.

Dukto R6

Screenshot (10)-min

Dukto R6 is a great application for easy file transfer over WiFi. You can send text messages, files, and folder to anyone in your local area network.


Infinite.io is another awesome application. The features of this application include sending files from/to windows, Linux, MAC, android, Ipad. It is the ultimate destination for peer to peer sharing. You just need to install infinite.io application to your system and enjoy fast file transfer over your WiFi. One demerit of this app is



You can use any of the above software to transfer files from PC to PC via Wifi. If you know about more such apps which fulfill this kind of objective then suggest the application below. I will add them.







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