10 Must Have Extensions for Chrome

Get These 10 Must Have Extensions for Chrome

In my previous post of internet i wrote about how to speedup internet connection using dns. Here is the list of some awesome must have extensions for Chrome 2015. And after going through this list I am quite sure you will download most of them:

10 Must Have Extensions for Chrome

Social Fixer 

must have chrome extension

This is the most vital plugin when you are too busy with social media such as Facebook. This add-on makes your Facebook experience lot better. It disables ads on Facebook page, it changes theme, it gives a anonymous character swipe to your profile, it disables all your online tracking on Facebook. And the best thing, it’s secure, easy to add and easy to remove. Millions of people use this extension to make the Facebook more interesting. You should also try.



Today we have many accounts all on the web. And for security reasons it is advice to have a different password for all your accounts at different sites. Here this extension comes handy. Just get this plugin and all your passwords will be safe.

Video Downloader


This app adds a “Download” button to videos that you want to download. This extension lets you download from any webpage other than YouTube. (not from youtube because google dosen’t allow it)

Ghosterymust have chrome extension

You would have heard about Ghostery, for those who have not heard it, Ghostery is a free browser privacy extension that permits people to rapidly and effortlessly get the list of the web trackers  who track your moment on net and block them. I personally like this extension as I don’t like some other person or bot track my web presence.



Many times happens with me that while doing some extra entertainment works 😉 suddenly someone comes. This is where this extension plays handy. By one click it hides all the active tabs, and when the danger go by, one click is enough to bring all the tabs back. What I like about this most is we can easily add a shortcut to a page like a heavy excel work. To pretend that I am busy working.

India Discount Coupons by CouponRani


I personally like this extension as I am a online shopper. This extension spontaneously detects when I am going to buy some stuffs and applies a coupon for it. Hence this extension is money saving.

Hola Better Internet


Many videos or website are restricted in some countries. Now whenever somebody opens this website or videos a notice comes that this stuff is unavailable in your country. This extension avoids this kind of troubles.


must have chrome extension

Stylish is one of my favourite extension because it is not only present for chrome but all other browsers. It makes the web customizable. You can change the look of any webpage/website. There are many scripts present at userscripts.org and thankfully almost all of them can be applied by stylish extension.



The reason why colorzilla is a important extension because it gives a web designer to pick color from any website and use it in other places. Colorzilla is a advanced eyedropper, color picker, radient Generator and other colorful goodies

Chrome Visual History

Wonder wherever you pay all of your time online? This extension visualizes your browsing history in neat pie charts for the day, week, month and on the far side.


There are Plenty of extensions in chrome webstore but these extensions, Rocks.

If you think i am right (or wrong), comment below 🙂



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